A few weeks ago, I came across an advertisement on Instagram, you may have seen it, “my intent project”. Their philosophy is as follows: “Our mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful conversation and positive energy. We believe there is a purpose inside each of us and we want our efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other”.  This was right up my alley, as I love these “positivity” kind of things. So, I browsed a bit and opted for a necklace. With this project, you choose word to be on whatever item you select. I sat down and went through a bunch of different words trying to decide on what I wanted my word to be. I read other stories, reflected, and kept coming back to one word, more on this later. While browsing I also came across a deck of 30 card each with a meaningful question to help you choose a word or act as a conversation starter. I already knew what word I wanted, but decided to order the cards just to see what they were.  When they came I started to just read them, not really answer any, but just see what kinds of questions there were. I got to the end of the deck and decided to turn those cards into a month long project. Every day in September, I will answer 1 question. 30 days, 30 questions, 30 ways for me to see some positive and maybe make someone else “think”. While I won’t post each one in a blog post, I’ll put them in all in one post at the end of the month. These questions are designed to make you really think a bit about yourself, the world, life, etc… When you read the questions (and my answers) also connect with yourself, be non judgmental, and think about the question. (There are some really good ones) 

So what was my word? Balance. How did I come to that word? Well, my life recently has been so unbalanced and off kilter that I am spiraling in what feels like a self-destructive tornado of unfocused energy. How to I focus and stop spiraling? Balance. My diet has been totally off of my norm. Yes, I’m changing lifestyles, but still…  There needs to be balance there too. I need to create balance into my life. A balance of work, fun, teaching, coaching, relationships, friends, nutrition, riding, exercise…all that stuff needs to be balance. Just writing all that makes me a lil anxious, but I will find a balance. There were other words that came to mind…perseverance, believe, peace, harmony…. but I kept coming back to balance.  I’ve learned through riding my mtb that if I stay balanced, I will keep moving, but being unbalanced leads to a not so pleasant landing or a bumpy ride. So, my goal over the next few months/year is to create a better balance in my life to keep moving forward. Balance will begin with a firm foundation… My health and well being, then we add layers. Will it be easy, probably not… Will I want to give up and revert back to old habits, absolutely… Will I let myself quit and revert back, no. 

It seems leading up to finding this advertisement and questions, I spent a lot of time just sitting and thinking, about the future, about life, direction, health, riding…a lot of time spent thinking and planning. I’ve noticed I do a lot of this when I ride. Maybe the woods is where I think the best? I’m not sure why, but I do know I’m working toward finding a healthy lifestyle with joy, peace, sunshine, and balance.