30 questions 30 days

September has come and gone and my goal of writing an answer each day to one of the “My Intent Project” cards went pretty well.  I decided not to share all 30 of my answers, but I will share a selection of them (and all 30 of the questions-in bold).  If you really want to see the whole 30, I’ll share them individually.  It turned out to be a lot harder than I anticipated, well some of the questions. These really made me take a step back and reflect, think, and be aware.  I also decided to choose a word or phrase to attach to each question.  I highly encourage you to answer some or all of the questions. So here goes:

Day 1 (Fri) What is most important to you? 

The mark I leave on this world and on other people. I feel like I’m here for a short amount of time and with that time I feel like emitting peace, a non judgmental way of thinking, an open heart, color blindness, acceptance of all religion and people is my way to trying to be one person that saw no boundaries. My hope is that one day, we call all coexist and accept. The word I choose today is Harmony. 

Day 2 (Sat) How are you making a difference in this world?

I try to help people see the best in themselves and to constantly evolve. I am giving courage and strength to those who need it. I try to treat all people regardless of religion, race, financial status, etc…. all the same. The word I chose is Inspire.

Day 3 (Sun) What do you spend too much time doing?

I spend too much time worrying what other people think of me and what I do. I always feel like I’m trying to “fit in” and never do and I spend too much time dwelling on that. I worry too much about the future, where I will live, how I’ll live. I spend a lot of time hating myself, my body, who I’ve become. The word I choose today is Self Love

Day 4 (Mon) What is something new you recently tried and loved?

I don’t know if this is really “new”, but I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone more and push myself to become a better version of me. It’s not always easy or comfortable and often I get very anxious, but I keep trying to push myself. The word I choose is Evolve.

Day 5 (Tues) What does this world need more of?

The world needs more love, acceptance, understanding and kindness. My word is Coexist

Day 6 (Wed) What moves you to tears or gives you goosebumps?

I’m moved to tears by a lot… Seeing people show respect when given, people going out of their way to help others, watching soldiers reunite with family, animal rehabilitation. Listening to complex, beautiful choral music. Unprovoked acts of kindness, love, and compassion. My word today is Compassion

Day 7 (Thurs) What are you working towards that you could use help with?

I’m working on trying to get myself back into race shape and feel more fit/healthy. I struggle a lot with this because I over exercise to try to balance out food. It’s hard for me to accept that you don’t need to burn off everything you eat. I’m trying to find a healthy balance with this and need a lot of reminders, support, encouragement. The word is persevere.

Day 8 (Fri) What was your childhood dream?

I honestly had a lot of them. I was a dreamer. I wanted to be a successful dr at one point, then travel the world, be a famous actress…. I also wanted to be self sufficient, live in my own home…the usual stuff. The word is wander

Day 9 (Sat) What can you do that you could not do a year ago?
A year ago I struggled to ride in flat pedals, do a manual, and other riding skills. But- I feel like I sacrificed a lot of my fitness and strength in pursuit of better skills. The word is build.

Day 10 (Sun) What is a defining moment in your life and how did it impact you?

Day 11 (Mon) What are you passionate about and want to spend more time doing? 

I am passionate about finding peace and harmony in nature. I love being in the mountains and exploring new areas, but not for long periods of time at once. I’m a homebody and don’t like being away from home long. My word today is awaken 

Day 12 (Tues) What makes you feel loved?

Day 13 (Wed) If money was not an issue, how would you spend your time?

I would travel the world and see and do as much as I can. Today my word is adventure

Day 14 (Thurs) What do you dream of achieving one day?

Being able to live in the mountains away from snow, and be free from worrying about bills, money, health. I choose the word peace.

Day 15 (Fri) What did you learn from your biggest regret?
To live each day with an open heart, spend time with loved ones, and that we aren’t guaranteed another day so make the most of what you have now. I choose gratitude today

Day 16 (Sat) What is one of the kindest things someone has ever done for you?
This may or may not answer this exactly but one of the kindest things (a lot of them actually) is actually my dad-supporting me through whatever crazy thing I’m pursuing. He’s always there and events and was at concerts. He doesn’t have to go, but knowing that someone is there for me, supporting me, when they could be doing anything else is kindness. I choose the word faith today

Day 17 (Sun) What have you witnessed that has strengthened your faith in humanity?

Day 18 (Mon) What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
I actually would love to go sea kayaking, but am terrified of being in water over my head. Especially if I can’t see the ground and it’s not a controlled environment. 

Day 19 (Tues) What do you want to let go of?

Day 20 (Wed) If you could run your own country, what would it be like?
First thing would be making no religion or race better or more correct. They would all be equal. Racism would be a thing of the past. Everyone would have home, would have a job and be equal. No one would be entitled to something just because of their situation or background. It would be a world where would be treated equally with respect. 

Day 21 (Thurs) What makes you lose track of time?

This is easy… riding my bike alone in the woods.

Day 22 (Fri) How do you show love to others?

Day 23 (Sat) What challenge do you want to overcome?
I don’t know if this is really a challenge, but I’d like to get over my fear of success. It’s more powerful than my fear of failure. 

Day 24 (Sun) What question would you ask a fortune teller?

I would ask am I happy and at peace in my future? 

Day 25 (Mon) What is your perfect day?

Getting on my bike and riding from sunrise to sunset. 

Day 26 (Tues) Where have you found peace?

There are a few places along trails that I feel at peace, it’s usually when I’m alone just sitting or riding. Where I can just be.

Day 27 (Wed) Who are your heroes?
My grandparents- all four of them. 

Day 28 (Thurs) What risks are you happy you took? 

Day 29 (Fri) What random act of kindness could you perform right now?
Day 30 (Sat). What does success look like to you?
Success is being happy, being able to support yourself, being healthy, have a few close friends, be able to enjoy life, have a job, means of transportation, and be free.

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