A Weekend of Riding for Ray

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This past weekend, I spent 3 days riding, learning, building, and progressing not only my own riding skills, but also my coaching skills at Ray’s Indoor MTB Park (check out my previous post to read all about Rays). I had some mega progressions in a very short time and rode things that I’ve been working up the nerve to drop into. What made this weekend “The Weekend”? It was being surrounded by 200 participants from all over the US and Canada, having a group of amazing coaches, and finally letting go of some of the negative and moving on. I assisted some top notch coaches like Kat Sweet, Angi Weston, and Leigh Donovan, and got watch and absorb what they were doing- I’ve got some new ideas for my clinics! I was also able to watch other riders, but this time I watched with a more critical “coaches eye” tying to break down what I was seeing and how I would address it.

The highlight for me was definitely spending one on one time with an amazingly positive, encouraging, and just all around awesome coach – Angi Weston. If you don’t know her you’re missing out. Check her out here: www.radicalrootsmtb.com.  I had one of the best private lessons ever and then an afternoon and evening riding around and watching riders. During the lesson, I showed myself I actually could do a lot of skills that I told myself I couldn’t (bunny hops, actually jumping with proper form…). She encouraged me to drop into the expert jump line (Red Bull Line) that I looked at many times thinking I can’t do that line and then I did that line 3 times successfully and am now not fearful of it. I left the lesson and ride time with the more confidence in my riding than I lost over the last 9 months and that is an amazing feeling.

The entire weekend was such a rejuvenating experience for me. It gave me an idea of where I want to go and that it’s not nearly as far away as I thought. It showed me I can do a lot more than I give myself credit for and that when you are surrounded by positive energy you can blossom. Yeah, I am a firm believer in energy people emit and its power. This weekend was a positive energy explosion and got my lil wheels spinning . Big things are coming this year!

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